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5 Places to Find Widescreen TV Furniture

Widescreen televisions are one of the biggest trends in television purchases. Consumers are looking for televisions that showcase their movies in the greatest light, and televisions that are impressive in both stature and size....

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Free TV – PC as the New Television

If you don’t have cable or satellite, can you watch free TV, PC technology allows for a great many different things to be shown online today. And this includes television shows, movies, live shows, sporting events and many...

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4 Tips for Purchasing LCD TV Furniture

If you have recently purchased an LCD TV, or are planning on purchasing an LCD TV, you need to think about location. You must give serious consideration to the placement of the television in your room. You will also need to give...

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4 Types of Plasma TV Furniture

Plasma televisions are an expensive purchase, requiring a small amount of budgeting before the actual purchase occurs. One of the things that you should be considering while considering your television purchase is your choice of...

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High Definition Video

HDTV or high definition television normally refers to any video system of higher resolution than the standard definition. The original HD specifications date back to the early 1980s, when Japan first experimented with a 1025...

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