If you don’t have cable or satellite, can you watch free TV, PC technology allows for a great many different things to be shown online today. And this includes television shows, movies, live shows, sporting events and many more types of entertainment.

There are a number of websites today where you can catch up on most of your favorite television shows. Some websites are legal and present these shows with a type of commercial. Some of the free TV on your PC websites aren’t legal.

The PC TV channels that aren’t legal don’t have the permission of the people who own the rights to television shows they broadcast. They present these shows, which you can watch or even download, often without commercials of any type. And what they’re doing is against the law.

Other websites have full permission and endorsement by the companies and artists that own the entertainment material. One of the most well known PC TV channels is hulu.com. This website is even advertised on television. There’s no charge to watch a number of television shows and movies on this website, because it’s supported by advertising.

The show or movie you’re watching will be interrupted from about 2 to 7 times, depending on its length, for a brief commercial. At hulu, these commercials each last only around 30 seconds and then whatever you’re watching starts back up again. Movies have more commercials than hour or half-hour television show episodes, but they’re still very short breaks.

The benefit of watching TV on your PC for free is that you can watch when you want to. You have a variety of choices about what to watch, and you can usually catch up on old episodes of a television show if you choose.

Not every show is available this way. For instance, hulu may have a huge variety of shows, but shows from certain networks like pay television networks aren’t available to watch free online on your PC in this way. And some shows, while not available in their entirety, can only be seen in brief clips at the website, which are used to entice you to then want to watch the show as it airs on actual television.

With the new digital broadcasting and the necessity of a converter box for people to watch free television, as well as digital recording technology, does it seem unlikely that many people would want to go online to watch free TV, PC owners probably have converter boxes, or cable or satellite, after all.

If for some reason you miss a show, forget to record it or just want to see it again, the streaming technology online will let you watch it when you choose on your PC.

And in many cases, when an entire show is available, you can go back and watch a show from the beginning that you might not have been interested in from the start. This is a great way to discover new television shows that are no longer on the air but available free on your PC.