Tech giant Google is aiming to make looking for a new job as easy as searching for anything else online. The company announced today that it has introduced several new features into Google for Jobs, its search engine designed specifically for English-speaking job seekers located within the U.S.

CEO Sundar Pichai (pictured above) first announced the Google for Jobs initiative last month as an example of the company?EU?s new focus on applying artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to a broader array of problems.

Search by Custom Filter

Available starting today, the service will allow job seekers to look for jobs based on keyword searches within the Google search bar. For example, people can run searches on terms such as “jobs near me” or “teaching jobs.”

The new feature sprang out of the company’s Cloud Jobs API effort, which it announced last year as a way to provide access to its machine learning capabilities to power better search results for job boards.

At the moment, the new functionality is limited to English search results for jobs located in the U.S., and only works on the desktop and mobile versions of Google Search. As with Google News, users will be able to set up email alerts to keep them informed of new job postings that meet their search requirements throughout the day.

One of the service’s new feature is the ability to search for jobs based on custom filters, including job title, category, date posted, job type, and other criteria. For some jobs, the search results will also include pertinent information such as the estimated commute time from users’ home addresses. In some cases, Google will also include ratings so job searchers can view other people?EU?s opinions of their potential employers.

Not Just another Job Site

The company said it plans to add more features and…